September 18, 2008


Our friendship was based more on our boy's friendship than anything we had in common. Still, it was nice to have adult conversation at times and to be able to call on each other to watch each other's kids. A friend for that specific stage of my life.


September 17, 2008


What a crush I had on you. In my 4th grade mind, you were so handsome and perfect. I loved going to school each day. And I loved your "find the city" game we played on the big map. I cheated and looked them up in the dictionary.


September 16, 2008


We were in a strange land. By sharing your love for the land, history, and traditions of Alaska, you made us feel welcomed and interested in the area of Homer. Your small lakefront cabin became our home for the week and we enjoyed every sunlit night in it.


September 15, 2008


You, my young friend, are a one of a kind. The kid who could cause so much trouble and yet one that we as leaders couldn't help but love. A natural born leader, you oozed self confidence and charm. I will never forget you or your numerous shenanigans.


September 14, 2008


Your phone call changed the course of our ministry. Your heart for God and others was the example we wished to follow. Your constant encouragement and support helped to keep us going. Your smile is what I look forward to each Sunday. Your love for NASCAR is unmatched.


September 13, 2008


I loved going to your volleyball and hockey games. You were so good at both. I always admired your self-confidence, even temperament, spiritual maturity, and how well you always got along with both boys and girls alike. Why didn't you and Jake ever get together? His loss.


September 12, 2008


Bad girl turns good girl. Not that you were all that bad. You could write a book on your life experiences. I have many memories of two high school girls hanging out with a bunch of guys. Who else would I ask to be my maid of honor?